Our Process

Our process is simple: We thoroughly wash and process produce, grind and press, bottle and refrigerate.


1. Our produce is stored cold

Our produce is stored in commercial refrigeration that maintains temperatures of no higher than 40˚ F and they are monitored by electronic sensors that send alerts if the temperatures go above or below the set parameters.

2. Commercial Cold-Press Juicer

We use Good Nature commercial cold-press equipment and utilize the cold-pressed juicing process that maximizes the shelf life and nutrient content of our products. This method preserves the integrity of the juice, leaving it packed full of its
original nutrients and provides maximum shelf life.

3. Bottling and Refrigeration – Unpasteurized / No HPP

We keep the entire juicing process cold to ensure the best quality of our juices. Also, we do not use HPP processing or traditional pasteurization.

What is HPP?

HPP is an acronym for High Pressure Processing and is a preservation technique that reduces the microbial content (including probiotics) in juice. The molecular structure of the juice is changed and is no longer considered raw or live. The quality of the juice is noticeably diminished and much of the probiotics is killed off. While many juice companies use the HPP process to extend the shelf life of a juice for many months, our juice remains untreated, making it truly raw and live for your optimal health